Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to The Young Couponer blog site!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog site. My name is Valerie but you can call me, Val, The Young Couponer. I am 22 years old and I have been couponing for a year now. I started out at age 21 when I began realizing how hard it was to live alone 2 1/2 hours away from your parents and all your family. I went to college taking the bus Monday thru Thursday so getting up 2 hours before the bus would arrive was a struggle but a motivation for myself to get to school and get my education. Money was tight ofcourse so all I had was financial aid to survive off and that was NOT enough. So I began to find ways to save. So I began my search online and found out the best way to save was by using coupons! I began slow just like every new couponer would, but time after time I began to to learn different ways to save and I became very good at it. I discovered many different couponers online such as The Krazy Coupon Lady, Totally Target, MashupMom and others aswell. And I figured we all think alike! Same deals same thought of how to get the best deals out there. My coupon trips have amazed my friends, my sister who is only 18 years old and my mom. I have given them tip after tip and they too, have caught onto the coupon world.! So if you feel like The Young Couponer can teach you some good ol' tricks then you outta stick around!!

Warm Hugs my couponers,

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  1. awesome! I'm 21, and I'm starting to coupon, me and my husband are :)