Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Walmart trip 4/27

I had a pretty rough time at Walmart today. With that said, Walmart cashiers are NOT aware of Walmarts new coupon policy what-so-EVER! I had to get a so called "supervisor" to come to the register and look at the coupon policy posted up at the top pole because she hadn't even read it. Still not understanding that I was right about Walmart taking competitor coupons, she insisted and told me sorry, we do not take competitor coupons. Afer pointing out and feeling like I was teaching her what she didn't know she still was not convinced. Come on' are you serious? I spend most of my time online looking at policies. I should work here. I was not frustrated at all because I knew the min I would go to customer service and ask the manager myself I would end up being right. So that's exactly what happend. Manager didn't even look twice at my walgreens coupon and said yup, we take ALL competitor coupons now. Didn't take me longer than a min to reasure myself that I was right. So I went back to the register and explained to the cashier and she took it. Man o man, the things a coupon lady would do just to save herself a few bucks =) I don't mind, I work hard for it anyways. Why not save that for some gas? Here's my trip:

Diamond decided he wanted to be part of the picture so his little legs came out but dont mind that! Here's what I got.
2 Olay body wash bars in 2 pack *$2.48 each*- $4.96
1 travel size tide detergent-$0.97
1 ivory body wash bars in 3 pack-$0.97
1 secret deodorant-$0.97
1 dawn liquid dish soap-$1.00 (this was a markdown item)
1 sidekick 4 pk enusre-$5.88

Total before coupons-$14.75
Total after coupons-$4.40

Most of these coupons are in the P&G insert of this month. They are about to expire on the 30th so I decided that walmart would be a good place to use them. All coupons can be found there except for the sidekick ensure, that coupon was a catalina coupon from walgreens register machines for $3.50 off making the 4 pk $2.38 about $.50 cents each drink.

In conclusion I saved a total of $10.35. Making each item around $0.62 cents each.

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