Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My trips this week....

So this week I went to CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Out of the entire trip(s) the #1 thing I loved the most was when I saw Walmarts update post about their coupon policy! I was with my mom waiting in line and I noticed a flyer post next to alllllllllllll the regsiters! Isn't that awesome. It stated they now accept competitor coupons and other store matchups aswell! Excluding any percents off! Meaning if you find a great deal at Rite Aid and Walmart has it for alot more you can take the ad to Walmart and they will give it to you for Rite Aids price!! YAY!! Oh and they do accept competitor coupons now so THAT got me excited! So anyways, here are my trips.

Not pictured because it was such a good deal I gave everything to mom! =)

4 Spic & Spans- $0.97 each =$3.88
2 Starkist Tuna in water pouches- $0.74 each= $1.48
2 Glad plugin warmer - $0.97 each = $1.94
1 Commet Bleach cleaner- $0.88 each= $0.88
Total without coupons=$8.18
Total with coupons= $3.88

Each item was like $0.43 cents each! Not bad!

I was honestly very disappointed at CVS today because I didnt find anymore but these 3 toothbrushes niether the aquafresh toothpaste! I tell you, that stingy coupon lady in town is really getting on my nerves taking everything!

2 Listerine mouthwash- $1.00 each =$2.00
3 Kids Aquafresh toothbrushes- $1.00 each=$3.00
1 Nailene artificial nails- $5.99
Total without coupons- $10.99
Total with coupons- $1.99

Making every item aroun $0.33 cents for each item

Picture not shown again very disappointed here too!

1 Scott handtowels- $5.00
1 Listerine mouthwash-$2.89
3 Reynolds foil paper- $0.88 each= $2.64
1 Schik razor $8.99
Total without coupons- 19.52
Total with coupons- $9.52
I also recieved a $3.00 register reward for my next purchase

Making each item a disappointing $1.59 each item! =/

As always where did i grab the coupons from well here it is.
For the spic and span not sure if you can still find them but they are available on under household items and for the glad warmers aswell you can find those there Oh and for the comet cleaner too. For the starkist coupons all you have to do is like them on facebook and you can print out a $0.50 off of 1.
In my previous post I left a link where you can get the listerine for free at CVS this week. You can go over and print that coupon out. If you got this past Sundays newspaper 4/17 you will find the aquafresh kids toothbrush coupon for $1.00/1 making them free at cvs. And for the nailene if you scan you cvs card at the red machine it is possible that you will recieve a $2.00 of any nailene product of $4.99 or more, PLUS I was lucky enough to find a peelie for another $2.00 off making them $1.99 for me! For my walgreens trip, in one of my previous post you will find my planned out trip for walgreens this week, those coupons can be found in that post.

In conclusion is spent $15.30 for all the items above, saved a nearly $23.39 with my coupons from a total of $38.69 without them. Making each item $0.73 cents each. Ok ok so its not THAT bad but still, I know I can do better!!

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