Friday, April 15, 2011

My trip for Walgreens next week. 4/17

So here is my shopping list for this upcoming Sunday for Walgreens. It's not as good of a trip because it's somewhat over my budget compared to other stores but I can say I'll be grabbing a few deals. Note that I also will be apply some register rewards I recieved from this weeks deals as well.

Scott Naturals Towel paper (6pk)- $5.00
Airwick Freshmatic *these are 50% off retail price* I'll be grabbing 6 at $3.99 each-$23.94
Listerine Mouthwash 500mL *these are 50% off retail price*- 2.49
Reynold Wrap Foil- $0.89 each I'll be grabbing 3
Schick Razor-$8.99 *plus $3.00 back in register rewards*

Total before coupons: $43.09
Total after coupons: $9.09
Total after register rewards: $4.09
Plus $3.00 back in register rewards

Here's where I will be grabbing my coupons from. For the scott paper I have a catalina coupon I have been saving since last week for $2.50 off and you can also combine it with walgreens coupon booklet for an additional $1.00/1. You can also visit the scott paper website for a coupon aswell. The airwick freshmatic coupons can be found in this upcoming sunday paper for $4.00/1. Since the airwicks are on sale 50% off these will totally be free! (which is why I'm grabbing 6). The listerine mouthwash is also another catalina coupon I recieved last week for $2.00 off. Making this deal only $0.49 cents! For the reynolds foil paper, if you bought this past sundays paper 4/10 you will find a coupon for $0.50 cents off of one. Making this deal only $0.39 cents each one. And finally for the razor. I will be grabbing a $3.00/1 coupon from schicks website on facebook.

Conclusion: Retail price is $43.09 and with my coupons it will all come down to $4.09. A grand total savings of $39.00. Plus I will be getting $3.00 back in rewards making this trip only $0.34 each item on my list. Not bad but again, I'm used to paying under $1.00 for a massive trip. Perhaps next week there will be better deals.

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