Thursday, April 14, 2011

My trip for the upcoming sale for CVS.! 4/17

I will be posting my planned out trips for upcoming sales at the stores I will be shopping at. And this post is for CVS. I literally plan to spend $1.00 and under on 15 items, here is how!

*You can now view CVS upcoming ad online at*

Transaction 1
*Note that I still have my $10.00 extra bucks from this weeks deal so this will also be reducing my total by alot*

  • Crest Pro-Health Toothpast 6.0oz- 2/$5.50
  • Colgate Toothpast 4.0oz (these will be $1.00 each so I will be grabbing 4)- 4/$4.00
  • Reach Floss (these are also $1.00)- 1/$1.00
  • VO5 Conditioner-$0.77
  • Easter Grass-1/$0.99 *Plus $0.99 extra buck*
  • Pass Egg Color- 1/$1.99 *Plus $1.99 extra buck*
  • Nieva Body Wash- $3.88 each (I will be getting 5)
Total without my coupons will be $33.65
Total with my coupons will be $10.65
Total after I apply my $10.00 extra bucks rewards from this week will be $0.65 cents
I will also be getting back a total of $2.98 in extra bucks so this trip is a $2.33 money maker!

I know that questions will be up in the air about where to get the coupons from well here it is:
For the crest prohealth I had a catalina coupon that I recieved for $3.00/2 at Target after I paid. What are the catalina machines? Catalina machines are those that print out along with your transaction after you pay. Target, Ralphs and Walgreens have Catalinas that I have so far seen. For the Colgate toothpaste, if you bought this past Sunday newspaper 4/10 there was a $1.00/ colgate coupon. I bought 4 newspapers so I will be grabbing 4 for free since they will be $1.00 next week. For the Reach floss, I also got a catalina coupon for $1.00/1 also making this item free. You can also print out a coupon for $1.00/1 on the reach floss website. I dont have a VO5 coupon, that is my filler item to cover my overage =).
And so are both the Easter grass and the Pass egg color, they are both my fillers and because they are free after extra bucks! And last but not least the Nivea bodywashes. Make sure to grab your sunday paper this coming sunday 4/17 to get a $3.00/1 coupon on the Nivea bodywashes. I will be buying 5 newspapers saving me a total of $15.00....A total of 15 items for as low low low LOW $0.04 cents each item!
And there it is folks.! Hope yall get good deals this coming week! And remember, The early bird gets the worm!

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