Friday, April 22, 2011

My Fresh & Easy trip!!!!!! 4/22

Since I wasn't planning on going anywhere eles besides Rite Aid today I thought well I need groceries....where do I have coupons to??....Fresh & Easy! I had recieved some coupons from them a while ago for a free canvas bag and a $10.00 off $50.00. Doesn't sound to convincing when you're on a budget right? Well, I think today it was kinda better than I thought. Mom, I think you're right about the bracelet....I've been getting super lucky lately ; )
This is a list of what I got and their prices. I will have 2 seperate sections because I did find some fantastic deals at their markdown section.

(2)Watermelon chucnks- $1.00each= $2.00
(2) 4pk Kiwi fruit- $1.00 each =$2.00
(2) 1lb bags of serrano chile- $0.75 each =$1.50
(1) 1lb bag of yellow chile-$0.75 each
(1)2.5 oz habanero chile-$0.65 each
(2) 16oz fresh green beans in a bag-$0.75 each=$1.50

(1) russet potatoe 48oz bag- $0.98
(1) Blue diamond almond soy milk- $2.99
(2) Fresh & easy frozen strawberries 16oz-$1.79 each= $3.58
(1) wildrocket salad bag 7oz-$1.99
(1) fresh 2piece stuffed chicken $5.76
(1) boneless skinless chicken 6 pieces-$3.89
(1) whole wheat elbow pasta-$1.29
(1) whole weat penne pasta-$1.29
(1) fresh & easy organic frozen green peas-$1.69
(1) fresh & easy organic frozen cut corn-$1.69
(1) 3pk of apples-$0.98
(5) maruchan ramen soups in the pakage-$0.19 each=$0.95
(1) soft tofu 15oz-$0.98
(2) fresh & easy buffalo chicken wraps-$3.99 each= $7.98
(1) fresh & easy chicken caesar salad-$3.99
(1) fresh & easy canvas bag- $1.99 each with coupon= FREE

Seems like its all healthy stuff but I also am eating healthy now since I am on the p90x workout. Healthy foods equal healthy lives! So my total without both coupons would have been $50.42 with tax. Total with coupons was $38.24 with a $0.04 tax forgiven so my grand total was $38.20. Not bad for all this stuff right? And I also got a free reuseable canvas bag...I might consider doing my shopping there if I recieved coupons like this more often don't you think??

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