Thursday, April 14, 2011

I guess the early bird DOES get their worm!

I had made a quick stop at Rite Aid today to get the BIC razor deal for my sister. I had already gotten this deal on Monday this week only because I knew many people would be using coupons now that the word has officially gotten out to everyone about the Extreme Couponing show on TLC. My eyes were literally drawn to the bottom of the shelf because I knew where these razors were already located. As I got closer I noticed there were none! Two empty slots and no razors! WHAT??!!?? This cannot be! Luckily I always ask an employee to do a back stock check for me and I assumed today was their load day meaning the store recieved their load to restock their shelves. She took a good 5 mins and yay, she found me some BIC razors.! I'm glad I did this today because tomorrow a new ad starts.
So what can you do when you find an empty shelve?? Well step number one, always ask for a back stock check. I used to work for a retail place alike Rite Aid so I would know things like this. Step number 2 if the associate comes back and says there are no more, ask for a raincheck. And try to get the limit for that item aswell. Step 3, *and I'm going to start this too* do your shopping on Sundays.....reallllyyyy early like when the store opens and get your stuff. All sales start on Sundays and smart couponers get all their deals the day of to avoid the empty shelves. The early bird gets their worm! And step 4 ask for the next closest store near you. If you live a bit too far, then I would totally stick to step 2.! Hope this helps.!

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