Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A couple of good finds at Walmart

I spotted 2 good items at walmart today. Thought I would share them with everyone.

 I found a $1.00 off tag on every snuggle fabric softner. Right next to that was a softner from the same brand on markdown for $4.34, not a good markdown because that price has been the same for about a month now, no wonder its still there, so I kept walking down the isle and found this next item.
Dawn dish soap on markdown for $1.00. You can find a $0.25 off any dawn in this months P&G insert making this item $0.75 each. I still have my P&G booklet from last year so I saved an extra $0.25 cents making this item $0.50 for me. Not bad.

Didn't find too many good things on markdown however there are many many MANY markdowns right now but they're not all that great.

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