Wednesday, April 27, 2011

$0.00 after coupon Genuine Turquoise Heart Earrings!

From my inbox to your computer screen! I just placed my order on these cute earrings. I've recieved emails from this company, Darcus Tori,  a few times in the past but never really had liked the free items they offered. But these earrings I do like so I placed my order. I am a fan of Turquoise although I don't own any turquoise jewlery. So I am excited to get these. No need to sign up just click HERE and add 1 to your cart. It said limit was 3 but when I tried to request the limit it didnt let me so I got 1. Use coupon code 0704 at the checkout and you should see a $0.00 balance. Now make sure you uncheck the insurance fee once it directs you to the end. If you want insurance go ahead and keep it but just to avoid any fees, I unchecked the box. You could use this time to grab these for mothers day or just use them yourself.!

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